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How Long Does Icon Treatment Last?

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At Pediatric Dental Associates, Dr. McGuire uses Icon treatment to correct white spots lesions that are common on children’s teeth, especially after orthodontic treatment. These white spot lesions are caused by demineralization and remineralization of the enamel; even when patients aren’t bothered by the appearance of these lesions, they can cause tooth sensitivity and make the teeth more prone to decay, so we advise treating them. Icon makes this easy, as it’s a relatively fast, painless treatment. But how long does it last? Will your child need to be treated again? Here’s what you need to know.

How Icon Treatment Works

Icon treatment is completed in a single visit; there’s no need for anesthetic injections and there’s no drilling involved.

After cleaning the teeth that have white spot lesions, the lesions are etched to remove the outermost layer of enamel, where remineralization has occurred. This remineralized enamel blocks calcium and other ions from penetrating the tooth. We apply a drying agent to the tooth, then apply the Icon resin infiltration product. After this is left to absorb into the tooth for a few minutes, the excess is removed and we use a specialized light to cure it. This process is repeated, then the tooth is polished.

How Long Icon Treatment Lasts

Icon treatment lasts for about two years, but it’s common for it to last even longer than this. A 2018 study checked in on patients who had Icon resin infiltration after 6 months, 1 year, and 4 years and found that at 4 years, their white spot lesions had not reappeared. At our practice, we’ve seen patients who have had their results last even longer.

The lifespan of your child’s Icon treatment hinges on their oral hygiene habits and their diet. It’s important that they brush for two minutes twice a day, floss at least once a day, and visit us every six months for dental cleanings. It’s best that they avoid acidic foods and drinks, like fruit juices, as acid can break down the tooth enamel, causing white spot lesions to return sooner.

If the white spot lesions do reappear, we can perform the Icon treatment again. Even if your child’s results last the average of two years, the treatment is simple, fast, and non-invasive if it must be redone.

Learn More About Icon Treatment

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